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Video Analytics

Video Analytics

GarageNet Video Analytics uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to identify every vehicle that enters/exits a parking facility

The video analytics algorithms seamlessly integrate with our existing GarageNet revenue control suite and white-label web portal. Customers can pay for parking, make future reservations, and request their vehicle all from their smartphones all without downloading an app.

Automatically identify every vehicle

Capture every transient and monthly vehicle that enters and exits your parking facilities without costly sensors or PARCS equipment.

Reduce manpower

Reduce operational and auditing staff by automating time consuming and manual processes.

Generate more revenue from operations

Reduce slippage, every vehicle gets a ticket with accurate entry & time times.

Online Customer Portal

Customers pay for parking, make future reservations, and request their vehicle.

Cloud-based reporting and real-time alerts

Real-time, secure, and scalable technology provides alerts and cloud-based reporting tools for remote facility monitoring.

Further tailor your solution
with additional GarageNet components, including:

  • SMS Text Message Retrieval Requests
  • Remote Retrieval Printers
  • Retrieval Status Monitors
  • Valet POS Units
  • Self-Pay Kiosks
  • Self-Park Equipment
  • Real-Time Event Notifications with SharkWatch Alerts

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